fas accurate
Fast and Accurate
When project deadlines loom but accuracy counts, 1DataServices saves time and money by running programs during parallel testing, mergers, system conversions, migrations and divestitures. Say goodbye to manual data reconciliation and hello to business and IT users interacting within the framework to research, correct and validate data before it impacts core and downstream systems.
configuration included
Configuration Included
Got a tight deadline and a huge amount of data to move between systems? No need to write code. 1DataServices configures the transaction for you, including automatic validations of transactions between systems.
instant accountability
Instant Accountability
Gain a new IT superpower: X-ray vision into data discrepancies and variances between and across systems. 1DataServices creates an automatic system history and audit trail to show compliance, accounting and that financial colleagues’ data transferred properly with nothing left behind.
measure results
Measure Results
Reveal your Data IQ: 1DataServices’ clear, intuitive user interface shows what happens on each execution. The dashboard displays measured improvements in quality between every cycle so you can easily compare the latest reconciliation and execution times with prior results.
1DataServices: The accuracy you need and the project speed you crave.



TaskiePro Project Management App

1Rivet’s TaskiePro application empowers you to track thousands of tasks and hundreds of people while managing a project or repetitive events. Instantly interpret the tactical status of in-flight projects and events all in one app.

increase clarity
Increase clarity and insight
Replace your spreadsheets or whiteboards with the TaskiePro command center (and yes, you can import and export your current sheets. No need to reinvent the sheet with TaskiePro). Skim the dashboard to view all tasks in calendar or matrix view. Identify and measure detailed progress for each project and event at the workstream level or by tracking milestones.
Spend time
Spend more time managing, less time monitoring
Scratch reminder emails off your to-do list. TaskiePro alerts people when a task is almost due and reminds them to finish as the deadline approaches. Add escalation points to a task to automatically alert a supervisor when a teammate misses a deadline.
Automate repetitive processes
Have a monthly event you organize, like an accounting close? TaskiePro can re-execute the same recurring event and saves execution details for review and audit. Sit back and watch status in real time as individuals mark their tasks as started or completed. Use info TaskiePro captures during the current cycle to improve performance next cycle.
Make project
Make project progress transparent
Now everyone can view individual progress in real time. No more walking down the hall to check a whiteboard. When complex projects require multiple people complete tasks before co-workers can start other tasks, TaskiePro keeps everyone in the loop. Any team member can log in to see which tasks are in progress, completed or not started, and plan accordingly.
Flexibly reroute
Flexibly reroute workflows
TaskiePro helps keep people on track and engaged through major data conversions, mocks, software production releases and recurring business tasks. Search by task descriptions, people or roles. When a teammate is out, TaskiePro can identify his tasks for reassignment. When a slacker bogs down a project or process, easily reroute the work to a superstar. Use the dashboard to move or assess task progress in real time using simple color-coding. When deadlines change, TaskiePro can shift any task’s timeline.
Leave an audit
Leave an audit trail
TaskiePro creates an auditable log showing when each task starts and finishes. Users can attach evidence they did the job right, including spreadsheets or signoffs to tasks. Next week, next month or next year, when an auditor asks if someone completed a task, the log shows what got done, who did the task and when. Capture and share data as a CSV or Excel file.
Our all-in-one app solution for project and event management execution streamlines team productivity while giving managers peace of mind. Eliminate unnecessary stress. Go beyond whiteboards, email chains and conference meetings to give your team modern support and resources to tackle tasks with ease. Schedule a demo with 1Rivet today and discover how TaskiePro can take your next strategy from good to great.



Giving You the Autonomy to Flex Up Or Down

...Without the Risk

1BullsEye blends applicant tracking with customer relationship management giving you greater visibility over the opportunities you win and the ability to find the right staff at the right time. Designed specifically for the consulting and staffing industries, 1BullsEye is a complete cloud solution that allows new and existing companies to focus on selling deals, instead of dealing with software.

Data visualization

1BullsEye keeps track of your clients, contacts, sales activity and opportunities within your existing client base. Once you win deals, 1BullsEye locates the right candidates to staff those hard-won deals. Bidding on a project with a new client? Create a client record, associate buying points, activities and the opportunity. Attach MSAs, NDAs, SOWs, meeting notes and anything else you need to keep at hand.

Delivery Management

Won that project? Of course you did. Now attach roles to the opportunity. Once the opportunity is created, set up your roles and assign position characteristics, like salary requirements, willingness to relocate or security clearance levels. 1BullsEye searches and matches open candidates, and will even post jobs directly to your website.


1BullsEye tracks and displays sales and recruiting staff activities in real time. Interactive, actionable management reports give you visibility into your sales and recruiting pipelines. Action tasks from the dashboard, like assigning resources or setting up meetings, and gain real insight into staff performance.

Prioritie Pro

Most companies struggle to link specific projects to corporate goals and objectives. Our surprisingly easy to use Decision Management Tool links those C-Suite identified corporate goals and objectives to specific business cases.
How’s that work?

You tell us your goals. Want to lower expenses 2 percent over the next five years? Grow revenue 10 percent annualized over three years? Have compliance or regulatory targets you must hit? How important is giving back to the community? Rebuilding your company’s aging infrastructure?


1Rivet ties organizational goals to weighted questions. That takes the politics out of project funding and instead ties business case decisions directly and consistently to your organization’s goals and objectives.


When a business unit asks to do a project, our Decision Management Tool scores the request based on the goals you set. You’ll see how closely each business case proposal aligns with the goals and objectives established by your organization’s leadership.


Got more proposals than you can fund? Of course you do. Our Decision Management Tool can score, compare and rank hundreds of proposals, making it easy to recognize the ventures that will take your organization where it wants to go.

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