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Mary Cecola links technology with finance to improve customer and
employee experience at Federal Home Lone Bank of Des Moines
icon phone By Tina Vasquez
About The Article
Check out this terrific profile of Mary Cecola, former chief business technology officer for the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) of Des Moines. 1Rivet worked with her in 2015 when the FHLB Des Moines decided to merge with the FHLB Seattle. They brought 1Rivet in because of our deep IT M&A knowledge and expertise with M&A-specific processes. 1Rivet tools, like TaskiePro and 1DataServices, worked hard behind the scenes during the entire merger. Over 10 trial runs, TaskiePro tracked roughly 700 tasks impacting 200 plus people across two time zones. 1DataServices ensured $30 billion in assets moved from the legacy system to the target system, tracking over 500 key elements to the penny to ensure nothing was lost during the migration. It all happened in less than seven months, setting a speed record for both the banks and 1Rivet.
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